Bing Wang

Dr. Bing Wang is Associate Professor in Practice of Real Estate and the Built Environment at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) and is Director/Area Coordinator for Master of Design (MDes) Real Estate and the Built Environment program at the GSD. She also holds a visiting professor at the University of Ulster and a visiting lectureship at the University of Cambridge in Britain.

She received her Doctor of Design degree and Master degree from Harvard University and Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing. Her academic research has focused on the interplays between the formal representation of a society and its underlying economic driving forces and social structure. She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Planning Theory and Practice, an academic journal published in conjunction between the Royal Town Planning Institute of Britain and Routledge in London. Her writings and research are published widely in academic books and professional journals, including Crossing Borders: International Exchange and Planning Practices (2010), Prospects for the Professions in China (2010), Urbanization in China (2007), Regenerating Older Suburbs (2007), Nexus: Field Studies in Real Estate, Urban Planning and Design (2005), Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management (2002), Urban Land (2011), and Urban Land Asia (2004), among others. Her book The Architectural Profession of Modern China (2011) leverages access to recently released archival material to explore the complex interplay between the architecture profession and the state and its implications for the built environment throughout modern China.

Dr. Wang's professional practice has focused on the intersections of form creation and capital markets' operation of the physical environment. She worked as an investment consultant at Lehman Brothers in Asia, focusing on the financial investments of non-performing loans and large-scale urban developments, and was the founding principal of an investment management company in Shanghai and in the US, linking institutional capitals with the Chinese property markets. Her recent work includes value-creation strategies for a shopping mall located in the old city of Shanghai, a mixed-use development project in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a 460-acre land use planning and urban design project of the Dianshan Lake area in Shanghai.